Cats at the Bar Charity Fundraising Drive

DSC_3184_marked Now that it’s Spring and the onslaught of new kittens is coming, it’s time to help raise money for animal shelters and volunteer programs that do such good work, but never have enough money to keep up.

Between now and Easter I’m trying to raise $1,000
to give to volunteer cat shelters.

With your help, be it a dollar or ten, every little bit counts, we can make a difference and give cats a home, a place to stay or even just a meal.

Show your support along with Cats at the Bar! Tell the world you know every cat is special! Share this post and click the sign to help. Thank you my friends.  


79 thoughts on “Cats at the Bar Charity Fundraising Drive”

  1. I just seen a segment on our local news channel talking about spring bringing in a lot of kittens to the local animal shelter. It is a real shame that people won’t take the necessary steps to avoid having unwanted litters. But it is a true blessing when they will take them to a shelter who wants to help them. Better than drowning or using for bait to train fighting dogs, or letting them starve. Thank you for helping these shelters.

      1. I have thought about doing some fostering for our local animal shelter, but I would want to keep them all. And I can’t afford to do that. You are a good man. 🙂

      2. Wow, you are are really successful. We only had 5 grey tabbies to get rid off back in 1984, when our cat came to us and four weeks later we suddenly had 6 cats. All of those found a home on farms.

      1. Good luck with your fund raising. It looks like you are off to a good start. I do support monthly the ASPCA here in the US. And our two big dogs are from the Jackson, and Shawnee County animal shelters.

    1. That’s why my friend and I fundraise for the Winnipeg Humane Society. What they’re doing is very good. We fundraise for the WHS so they can keep helping animals.

      1. We’re getting a generous amount of money every time we sell, so that helps. We sold a bracelet to someone for fifty cents, but we got a dollar instead. So we’re successful with the fundraiser. At first, we were so bored we made bracelets and then decided to sell them so that we could keep the money. But no one bought anything. My friend got her kitty at the WHS so we did it for the WHS to help animals.

  2. Reblogged this on chrllrobb and commented:
    This is something worth re-blogging. Something worthwhile and close to my heart as well. I am not always able to help out financially, but I can spread the word. Please continue to spread the word and donate if you can to help your local animal shelters, or any other helpful organizations you like.

  3. Every dollar helps!
    A few other things to consider;
    If you don’t have extra funds to donate, your local shelter will always take supplies you may already have haling around your house. (i/e towels, blankets, puppy pads, bowls, anything, call and ask!) Money the shelter doesn’t have to spend on THINGS goes to the animals.
    Check out and see if you local shelter or rescue project participates. It costs you NOTHING, but every time you shop on Amazon, they donate a percentage of your purchase cost to the shelter you’ve chosen.
    If you have the resources, and you feed strays, check and see which clinic in your area offer catch and release sterilization programs. They’ll set you up with a humane trap, and you’ll be able to take any feral cats you catch to the specified clinic, where they’ll be spayed or neutered at no cost you, then transport them back to their stompin’ ground, and safely eliminate the chance of that particular feral ever spawning a litter.
    And of course, if you can, consider fostering. We foster healthy 4-8 week old kitten all the time. That’s the age that works best for our household. If you can do older or younger, that’s great! Talk to your local shelters and see where their needs lie. (And when you look into fostering, you’ll see the term ‘foster fail’ usually next to a fairly high percentage…like 30-39%. It looks scary, and you might think “WHAT!?!?! I don’t want a failure!!!!” Not every place explains this; ‘Foster Fails’ are not animals that have had a catastrophic incident in foster homes. They are animals who were adopted by their foster families. So, in that instance, ‘fail’ isn’t a bad thing at all. There needs to be a better term for that.)

    Sorry for the hijack! 🙂

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