Finalement! Le Printemps!

DSC_0046 (2)
Kitty Whiskers: “Apparently Mother Nature does NOT understand “Springtime” in French.”
(here in Quebec, we’re expecting more snow this weekend)

42 thoughts on “Finalement! Le Printemps!”

  1. Good lord! MORE SNOW??! I know I wanted some before, but now the springtime weather is hitting here, I’m focusing on the advent of summer and warm sunshine!
    I’ll take some off your hands… In December!!! 😁

  2. Global warming and all that! BTW have you read “1066 and all that” by W. C. Sellar and R. J. Yeatman? If not it’s a hilarious parody on English history first published in 1930.

  3. Snow has been craze here too. It was suppose to be in the 50’s this week and has not broken 39! It has dropped snow every other day since last Sat.! 😦

      1. I’m sorry, Kitty Whiskers. Truly, I know better than to be rude. Your little paws have been frozen long enough. I’m mailing you a HUGE box of sunshine and special kibble.

      2. Your weather sounds like Texas weather. I live in the DFW area, we had snow two weeks ago; yesterday I planted my garden. I’m over a month late getting it in.

  4. There was a threat of snow in my forecast and I am in Virginia, don’t feel too bad. After dragging all the plants into the greenhouse they have changed it to no precipitaion, just 20F temps. The cats watched me from the windows with that “Humans do the strangest things.” look.

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