A Challenge! Poetry no less!

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We were challenged by Single Family Asylum to a  “Love in ten sentences” Challenge. We had to write a ten line poem with the word Love in each line, and only four words per line. Also a link to the blog that issued the challenge. They wanted a feline approach from us!
Tsuki called in staff poet Floridaborne and the two of them banged this off in 12 minutes! The two of them are now sleeping it off…Floridaborne is under there somewhere!

Love my battle wounds
fighting for your love.
Love my many moods,
as love spurns…then
love wants you again.
Food equates to love
as love resembles me,
allowing you to love,
and love eternally the,
love…specifically…that’s me.
Now to challenge five others to the Love Poem Challenge!
First up Cupid or Cats Janey might be good for an Irish ditty.
Opinionated Man , he’s actually a really good poet!
Ritu from But I Smile Anyway, you never know what comes from her. It could be funny, sad or really really mushy!
C’est la vie americaine is a wonderful blog and who knows, the poem maybe in French!
And to keep a feline influence and I know Mark-Andre can’t write poetry, I challenge Katzenworld.
Now, no one is obliged to take part, so don’t feel pressured. This is just for fun.
Finally I must share with you my favorite quote about love.
I refer you my post Death Becomes you – Part 2 – Love

57 thoughts on “A Challenge! Poetry no less!”

  1. Tsuki allowed me to wriggled out from underneath. He’s so heavy, it’s hard to stay asleep for long without some part of the body becoming numb.

    We didn’t blow it on the last line. That’s 4 1/2 words, well under 5. 🙂

      1. It was supposed to be “love” and not “cat”. Perhaps I should Tsuki and I should’ve taken 13 minutes and not 12 to complete the poem. We were just having so much fun! 🙂

      1. Don’t tell her I said this, cuz we don’t want her to book out on us and run for the woods, but I think she is floating around with an IQ off the charts.
        Shhh…don’t say anything. Just our secret. 📈

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