Kitty Art

A sketch of Dust Bunny as a kitten, the symbol and inspiration of Cats at the Bar, by Thomas Dalsgaard Clausen. You can see more of his wonderful work at
Here is the original,
Jr. Bust Bunny_marked

20 thoughts on “Kitty Art”

  1. Have you thought of a humane museum adoption center? Adopt cute and affectionate instead of poor me? Adopt and get sketches etc perhaps. I try to adopt poor me too when I did get pets. Would that possibly make the atmosphere better for the animals too?

    1. Oh Yeah. I want Gheddo Chub Chubs picture for the idea. Have the other gmla remind to kick it off. Two words for signature lines: War Department.

      1. Animals are smart. They can develop personalities. Mine always adopted mine. I had a Siamese chocolate tip for 17 years the neighbor kids used to come ask if Tabitha could come out and play? It struck me weird the first time saying: “Tabitha is a cat” They said I know. But thinking back all my pets had a distinct personality, me. That makes them smart in my book that they do show affection back to us. Worthy of some time. Smarts and affection always is in my book.

      1. The “I don’t have a special affectionate companion” story. We can be just as good for them as they are to us. Adoption of pets is more then feeding and medical.

      2. No you didn’t say anything. Your post just made me think of better ways for pets to live while being adopted. I think the art helps make a more positive environment since it is very good. It changes the whole environment around them I would think. Like we put pictures up in our rooms maybe it would change the environment in adoption centers. All the animal art I see here is good. I think it would help adoption centers all over the world. I never went to the pound and saw really pleasant pictures of them anywhere to change my mood into a more positive one. I think you are dedicated enough to understand where I am coming from and maybe a grant from the other gmla is needed to give it a try. Education Reduction Prevention Grants. The art here is very good. Like my move an environment may help the adoption process. Get rid of some of the depressing situation. If they can get jealous they can get depressed too.

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