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“A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.”
King Solomon

31 thoughts on “Brothers”

      1. I can’t believe what corny things cats make me say. I really don’t walk around saying such cheesy stuff … but cats do it to me every time! There is nothing else I would ever remark on that is so cute I could eat it up with a spoon. Nothing. These words never come to my mind … until I see felines. Perhaps I have feline fever! πŸ˜‰ See! Another cheesy thing I just said!

  1. That’s awesome. My two boys fight like cats and…cats! The youngest I named “Brodie,” because it means “Little Brother” in Scots Gaelic and they are two fighting, squabbling brothers who tussle all the time but never leave a mark on each other.

  2. Cuteness overload! I tried Google to see what kind of remedy there is available. All fourteen thousand hits suggested adopting another cat. I have to move. City code limits me to three. I can’t wait for Sunday’s real estate section in the paper. Call an ambulance, PLEASE!!!

      1. Really! but I have to tell on myself. If I got one more, then I would get another, and then another, and….
        I truly could become one of those infamous old cat women. And, because I live in a residential area, I could never allow them to be outdoor cats. It would make me ill if I lost one to a vehicle mishap.
        And then there is this, I can’t just bury them in the back yard. My former Tuxedo’s were both cremated and their ashes placed in memorialized little cedar boxes.
        Tom, I envy you and your family, but more so, I am extremely grateful for what you do.

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