Spring Has Sprung!

DSC_0019 (4)
Samson: “Holy mole in a hole! It’s warm outside! I better get on the couch right quick and shed my winter coat!”

56 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung!”

  1. MOL!๐Ÿ˜ธ This is especially important if the couch is new, covered with fresh laundry straight from the dryer, or covered with DARK clothes!
    *(see Shrimp’s cat rules #125)*

  2. Every time I vacuum I have enough hair for another cat….and sometimes a kitten or two. It doesn’t help that I have one of those pricey Dyson models that let you see what you just picked up.
    What I don’t understand….with that much fur in the vacuum container why isn’t my cat naked?

  3. I’m having two new outfits sewn. One is made from that sticky roller lint tape and the other, a new static electric fabric. I’m taking this fashion statement to a whole new level. By Christmas I should be able to get thousands for both of them. No animal will have been harmed in the making of them. EPA approved and animal rescue groups will be awarded all profits. (Gosh, I wish that last part could become a reality.)

      1. Yes. I was glad when spring finally got here. The only problem was winter and summer thought they were in control still. It is finally a little more seasonable now. We need a little more rain now.

      1. Wow! UK weather has done similar tho. I almost died out on a client meeting because I had too many layers of clothes on. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ temperatures climbed to 26 Celsius yesterday. I was still dressed for cold and windy spring weather lol

  4. Meanwhile, in the land Down Under, the cats are beginning to grow that extra layer of hair just to ensure they have plenty to shed next spring.

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