How Green is My Cat

Sammy: “GRASS! It feels so…green.”
Samson: “Don’t tell anyone. It’ll be our little secret.”

22 thoughts on “How Green is My Cat”

  1. Awe yes, the smell of Spring, that renewed season where hope springs eternal and hair balls and foot tracts remind us cause us humans to panic, “Oh no! The baby is sick.”
    Yes, no matter how many times they upchuck and sneeze, I get all smotherly-lovely on them, fearing the worst.
    Actually, we did have one sweet angel that suffered both in the Spring and Fall. Each year, during both seasons, we would carry him to our vet for shots and medication. His name was Whippie-Nippy. We’ll see him at, The Rainbow Bridge.
    Beautiful cats, by the way!

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