Meet Scarlett

Scarlett and Sammy
Scarlett and Sammy

Meet Scarlett. Why do I have a horse in my backyard? One of my jobs is as an equestrian photographer and did you know I have a blog about it? Back Home in  – I just finished revising my ‘Favorites of 2014’ page and thought I would share it with you.
(And you thought I was just about cats.)

29 thoughts on “Meet Scarlett”

  1. Actually, Tom, I checked out your horse blog when I first visited your cat blog. I knew you were a man of many interests.
    Lovely photos from 2014 (I just don’t try to comment there but lurk every now and then).
    My favorites are cats, whales, horses, dogs….well, you can just about name it I’m an animal lover.

  2. I have left my horse days behind quite some time ago. These days PETA does not let me get near them, they talk about animal cruelty when I tell them, riding is sport after all and sport is very much recommended for somebody my size.

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