By The Dawn’s Early Light

Blaze CATB
Petunia: “Don’t you just hate morning people.”

21 thoughts on “By The Dawn’s Early Light”

  1. Since I am one, no I don’t hate morning people. Although if he could get away with it my furry friend Diavolo would be an even earlier riser.
    But we both get naps in the afternoon.
    Love the way the sun is shining and the toes are spread ready to catch anything that shows up!

  2. I hear ya Petunia. Shoko is an early riser and is rarin’ to get out and discover new things…weed her garden air out the soil…etc. I am content to sleep till noon and then devour some food…maybe stick my face out the door and if there’s a chill in the air…its back to bed….morning kitties are obnoxious little twits!

    Kitty kisses,


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