The Sisters

Chub-Chub - Brulee CATB
“We are sisters. If she is mad at someone, I am mad at them too.
End of story”.

35 thoughts on “The Sisters”

  1. Sisters tend to do that for each other. Ever see (of which I am sure you have) White Christmas with the sister act. The song they sing says it all! They are cute!

  2. Aha! Now I can see the difference πŸ˜€
    Chub-Chub is like a lighter, fluffier version of her sister. Do their personalities correspond to their appearance, I wonder? :p

  3. OMGosh, no truer words were ever spoken! I have four sisters. If one hurts, we all hurt. And, then there is our one and only brother. Should anyone ever find fault with him, we would build an army of warriors to defend him.

    Yes, I definitely understand, Miss BrΓ»lΓ©e and Miss Chubs. Count me in! I’m your honorary adoptee.

    Mr. Tom, thanks for the photo. I will try to remember that Chub-Chub has splashed milk all over her face.

    Was she eating Cheerio’s when the mishap occurred?

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