Chub-Chub Shakespeare Winners

DSC_0119 (2)
Announcing the three winners of the Shakespearean/Chub-Chub challenge. This was probably the hardest contest to judge. There were so many wonderful entries. Thank you all for playing! So without further ado here are the winners of a Cats at the Bar t-shirt.

“Yon Chub-Chub has a lean and hungry look; She thinks too much: such cats are dangerous. “(Act I, Scene II Julius Catsar)
submitted by swanson14 over at

“The fool doth think he is wise,
but the Cat knows Herself to be Wise.”
submitted by Ann Adamus over at Zoolatry

“We few, we happy, we fluffy band of brothers from several mothers; for he today that sheds his fur with me shall be my brother.”
submitted by kstewand4cats over at Possums Cats Things Gnawing at Me
Congratulations to the winners I recommend you visit their wonderful blogs. Again thanks to all for playing.

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