Tips From a Power Broker

Orca ยฉ
Orca: “How did I make it to the top? Sharp claws.”

34 thoughts on “Tips From a Power Broker”

      1. I got some perfect pictures of Nubia pretending to be the dragon of Lord of the rings :-O guarding my pile of clothes like its a treasure… They’ll come up after my holiday haha

  1. That looks like a pawsome perch! You get to see all of the birdies coming in and out if you sit really still. I hope that those sharp claws help you to get down safely too!

  2. Orca must have been working electronically. Something tells me his financials are all in Bitcoins. Shredded green is hard to piece back together with tape.

    Not only is he a Power Broker, he’s a Securities Analyst.

    Is he married?

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