Chub-Chub’s Garden

DSC_0134 (3)
I feel the urge to play a LOT,
on grass so green, on flower pots
The need is strong (it can’t be fought)
to fertilize the garden plot.

By Floridaborne, you can visit more of her fun work at

17 thoughts on “Chub-Chub’s Garden”

  1. You ever tried grass Chub Chub? I did and court’s out on whether its better or worse. It is very difficult to flush the toilet (paw at the grass till it covers the stuffs). There is no dancing afterwards…the thrill of evacuating is not there….you should try it and we’ll compare notes.


  2. Chub Chub, your Kentucky sister once left a rather large pile of stuff in the grassy path leading to the back gate. My ex-boss stepped in it when he was returning some of my stuff. I was laughing too hard to open the door, so he left my stuff next to it, (the door) and colored my world with words I had never heard before.

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