A Tsuki Haiku

Cats at the Bar. org
In the woods of life
comes the questioning spirit
wandering the mind.

by Floridaborne
visit https://rantingalong.wordpress.com/

33 thoughts on “A Tsuki Haiku”

  1. The expression on the face of this glorious one, is precious! Wow! I am just so amazed you can get the shots you do! This one is absolutely Heart stirring!!! Thank you! Love, Amy ❤ …. Who has an affinity for orange tabbies ….. (smile) ……

      1. I honestly don’t know how you do it. Really. Getting a shot like that is just not luck either. You have to be in the moment, doing naught but focusing on Tsuki. Those kind of shots can be and sometimes are, very time consuming. I know. 😉

      2. Do I tell you my secrets? LOL Well, firstly I can relate to the back issue. GROAN! Secondly, I see something that draws me to it, and as I kneel or stoop, I look and I look. When the perfect angle is shown to me, I figure out what f/stop to use in manual mode, adjust my light meter keeping an eye on shutter speed, and fill my frame with what I am seeing. I hold my breath, making very sure I am perfectly still as I manually focus and when I see that red dot light up, I immediately depress my shutter. Sometimes I must wait in difficult poses for a long time, waiting for the wind to decrease. The not shaking part is the hardest when I am free standing. I am thinking I have to start working with my triopod more because the weight of this lens is quite heavy and being in a low position for a long time, holding my breath, is very far from easy. Yep, some of my secrets I just revealed to you. And then I get into the editing room and continue my “magic”. 😉 LOL

      3. LOL! See now if I did all that, the cat would be in the house, have eaten and be on the chair asleep. I have to work with natural lighting and rely on (the best investment I ever made) my Nikon DSLR camera. The auto settings are incredibly fast. Then, like you, the rest is in editing.
        For every shot I post there are 50 of the cat changing direction, looking the wrong way, changing speed, a cloud covers the sun and have permanent brain damage from lack of oxygen, holding my breath. 😀

      4. You are SO funny!!! I am laughing out loud, giggling as well. I know all about oxygen deprivation! Good heavens sometimes I am gasping for air after a period of holding my breath. And yes, those shots that no one sees …. cats are really tricky, really fast and the one with the camera must have fast reflexes! There are times I need to use my auto settings with my cats because I just don’t have the time to THINK and set up settings manually. LOL I too am getting to know LR but will admit, I have a LONG ways to go to accomplished! IF your original does not have the magical light, there is nothing you can use to substitute for it. At least to my knowledge, which again I will admit, is limited. Bravo to you for getting those cats captured while moving. NOT easy by a long shot …..

      5. Luckily I’ve been told I have the reflexes of a cat. However it doesn’t mean I can think like one. One secret I will reveal, if you didn’t know. Look at the feet, not the cat. The feet lead the rest of the body, so you get an idea of what’s going to happen. With that in mind, I really should do an “out takes” post. All the 1/2 cat shots, or just the back paws or half a blurry head whizzing past my lens. So, forget my ‘secret’ it’s a load of crap. It only works on horses. 🙂

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