Piggy-Back Fail

Cats at the Bar
Tribble: “NO! Don’t lean forward! NOOO…OOMF.”

21 thoughts on “Piggy-Back Fail”

      1. OOOOOOOOOO WOW!!! Now I being pretty good at names is a wee bit crimson right now. Oh my goodness, TOM, now I will not forget. *shaking my head* Thanks for the heads up. LOL Your name I will not forget now, I do promise. Tee Hee
        And about that pic …. I mean it … GET OUT!!! LOL ❤

      2. LOL Then you missed the VICTORY post I have where I show my face! Hot, red, sweaty from opening my gardens in 90 degree weather. IF you are truly curious, just cruise on by Petals. I am sure I am a wee bit older then you. LOL Just sayin’ …. LOL 😀

      3. OK. My jaw just dropped. HOW do you run and keep up with all those cats with a camera in your hand? You AMAZE me! We are probably around the same age and I KNOW how this body is not what it used to be. Hehehehehe My hat is off to you, TOM. Really! I know the hard work involved taking care of cats and I know what it takes to get photos of moving cats. Just WOW!!!
        *blushing* Why I thank you, Sir, for the compliment. I am kept so busy that I don’t even think about being pretty. I just am me. LOL My gardens are a LOT of work. Yet the payoff is tremendous!!! ❤

      4. OH wow! Horses too? I KNOW how much work they are because we have a horse next door to us. No I haven’t seen your horse blog. Where is the link? ❤

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