A Contented Saphie

© catsatthebar.org
Saphie: “A fresh-cut lawn, a shaded tree, it don’t get better than this.”

24 thoughts on “A Contented Saphie”

  1. Mee-you saphie you look so-o reelaxed!!! What mee wood give fur a tree!! They chopped down thee big pine last yeer an so mee has to wait fur afturnoon shade frum buildin befur mee can go out….
    Yurss Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

      1. LadyMum allso has a way to shade mee inn thee mornin. Shee putss thee patio bench inn front of mee condo inn such a way mee can see thee birdiess inn thee grass. Shee takess mee blankie an covurss mee cndo & thee bench an it iss like a tent!!! Shee makess sure mee can see an that mee has air flowin thru’. It werkss purrty good!!
        if mee getss too warm then mee comess inn ’till it iss afturnoon…wee iss werkin out a system mew mew mew…

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