The Entomologists

Cats at the Bar. org
Puck: “I tell you this is Limax maximus and not Limax flavus as you so idiotically believe!”
Boris: “I should slug you.”

(gardening humor)

23 thoughts on “The Entomologists”

  1. I’m so glad I did not have to wait to view this via snail-mail. ;).

    Can they come over and get the slugs out of my garden? I’ll pay their airfare. By the way, they’ll be here for awhile. I plant in Spring and Summer. Awe, what the heck, they should just ‘winter over’ in the South. 😉

      1. Guess how he came to have 19 cats? – I cannot see you succeeding. And I am optimistic by nature. Till doomsday evening – tomorrow 😛

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