Cats at The BAr. org
all agreeโ€ฆ
โ€ฆwho found it first?
A mystery.

by Floridaborne

28 thoughts on “Scent-elating”

  1. Mom’s saying…”Ewww…if it’s stinky, its probably some dead thing…the girls….meaning me….dragged home.” No faith in us what so ever…..there’s no MAYBE about it. MOL


  2. Can we drag it in the house?
    I don’t know it’s still alive
    Still alive? What’s that you say?
    I believe… Yes I believe it is…
    It is! It’s Mighty Mouse!
    Might Mouse? For Heaven’s sake
    Pray how can you tell?
    I can see a little “M”
    And there another “M”
    On his little cape

  3. Doesn’t matter who found it first. What they really want to know is who gets to take it to the human and hear the “Ewwww. Where did you find that?”

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