Dial M for Mouse

Cats at the Bar. org
Can we drag it in the house?
I don’t know it’s still alive
Still alive? What’s that you say?
I believe… Yes I believe it is…
It is! It’s Mighty Mouse!
Might Mouse? For Heaven’s sake
Pray how can you tell?
I can see a little “M”
And there another “M”
On his little cape

by guest author Timothy Price from Photo of the Day
I posted Scent-elating by Flordaborne yesterday https://catsatthebar.org/2015/05/28/scent-elating/
I invite you to look at both and based on your comments one of them will win a fabulous prize from us. Also best comment wins a Cats at the Bar T-shirt!

46 thoughts on “Dial M for Mouse”

      1. Tough choice, both posts and poems are very good in their own unique way.
        However, I like Scent-Elating by Floridaborne the best. The reason is because it is written in quick, spurts of words such as I imagine cats talk. I somehow don’t see cats carrying on lengthy fully versed conversations like the poem in Dial M for Mouse suggests.

  1. Hmmm! I wasn’t told that I had to do three poems. Here’s another two:

    Shadow Mouse Haiku

    as the shadow mouse
    through a worm hole safely slips
    outside dimension


    among the blades
    lays in wait
    nose comes ever closer
    shivering with anticipation
    which one will be the quicker

      1. WE are talking about a guy with like 18 cats. I don’t think it’s much of a challenge for Tom to come up with photos for anything we write! 😉

  2. Amanda, believe me cats can carry on quite the conversations. Just today I was out on the ditch talking to a neighbor when one of my cats came out to the fence and scolded me up one side and down the other for being outside the property. I couldn’t get a word in edgewise to get after him for wondering out 500 feet from the house to the edge of the property himself.

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