High Plains Kitty

© Cats at the Bar. org
“The stranger galloped across the plains and disappeared into the shimmering heatwaves rising from the sun-baked earth.” Cue eerie music.

41 thoughts on “High Plains Kitty”

      1. We have Lucky Luck and Tin Tin in French (we have the complete collection of Tin Tin in French). I read them in Spanish when we were in Spain, and Lupo Alberto in Italian while we where is Spain, as well. Comics are great for studying languages.

      1. Yes, he is, he is 86 now and still going strongly. From Wikipedia:
        “In 2014, “Maestro” Ennio Morricone became a Honorary chairman of the First International Open Competition in author’s music video “Mediamusic.” Final of the competition is scheduled for March 1, 2015 in Moscow.”

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