The Great Escape

Cats at the Bar

“I’m free! Months of captivity over! They’ll never take me alive. Ha Ha…Ha Ha Ha!”

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18 thoughts on “The Great Escape”

  1. The truth is in the eyes…he’s gone mad with the overload of possibilities that lay before him.

    Actually, he called five minutes after this pic was taken. He can’t believe he’s about to become a Texan. Wild with excitement, he asked if I’d buy him some cowboy boots and a set of spurs. I one upped the offer and promised him a ten gallon hat, a Stetson.

  2. I’m going to use it….that hated “c” word…..CUTE!
    Okay, if you had spent 16 days on an African safari with a woman who constantly called everything she saw “cute” you would hate the word too. It was banned from conversation for the rest of us.

  3. I see this saying can be interrupted many ways. Right away, I thought about the many months of captivity inside out of the snow and freezing temperatures. Finally he’s free!!


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