Wordless Wednesday

Cats at the Bar

“Hey Dust Bunny! How’s it…maybe not.”

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14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. The blog promised no words on Wednesday only a photo there for me
    so I clicked on the link right there on my Mac and went to the blog to see
    A very fine photo there it was of a cute kitty by the wall
    But then I looked down under the cat and couldn’t believe what I saw
    Words on Wordless Wednesday — just unbelievable!

    Words, words, everywhere there’s words
    Taking up white space making me perturbed
    “Hey Dust Bunny! How’s it…” too many words

    1. LMAO!!!! This is the best comment on any Wordless Wednesday! You’ve out done yourself.
      HOWever, are you just as guilty of cluttering the “white space” as you call it with this diatribe worthy of a New York Times theater critic? 😀

      1. You put me in a catch 22. If I’m wordless than can’t comment, and when I comment, there’s more of those damn words on Wordless Wednesday. Maybe I need to wait until “throw words around Thursday” to comment.

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