We’re going to a Fairy Tail Birthday Party!

Blaze: “Get you party hats and come along! It’s our dear friend Nia’s Birthday at photographyofnia.com!”

Samson: “A party! Did you say a Party?”
DSC_6766 (2)

Puck: “Yes and she has great food!”
DSC_3398 (2)
“Dress up or come as you are”
DSC_3800 (2)_marked

Chub-Chub: “YAY!”
DSC_7879 (2)_marked
Greystoke: “So you better show up.”
DSC_6345 (2)_marked

Chub-Chub: “Nia, we love you and wish you a very special Happy Birthday.”
DSC_6419 (2)_marked

Here is a very special kiss, just for you,
Imagine (2)_marked

38 thoughts on “We’re going to a Fairy Tail Birthday Party!”

      1. I am visiting old posts now 🙂 what a beautiful gift for me for my Birthday party, once again Thank you, never will be forgotten. By they way I am visitin your old posts because I try to make a list of cats 🙂 with their names 🙂 How I wished to visit your cat land and to have a tea party with them around me… I can imagine the image now 🙂 By the way, again! I want to make some paintings with your cats… I will send to you when I have done. Thank you dear Tom, you are one of my beautiful blogger friends, Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

      2. Thank you sweet Nia. If you want to see a list, go to my homepage I have started a page called Cast and Crew. There are almost all of the cats. It’s not finished, but many are there. (((Hugs))) ♡

  1. “…The way we walk
    The way we talk
    The way we stalk
    The way we kiss…
    Let’s go and throw…” a party for Nia!
    “We missed you hissed the lovecats…”

    From “Lovecats” by the Cure.

    Nia should be happy with this very special post of some of your top party animals! Lovely kitties all of them! Even the dog is cute. 🙂

      1. I loved their original video of Lovecats, but it’s not available on Youtube in the US.

      2. Herman sent me a link to the original “Lovecats” video from Belgium and it was blocked from viewing in the US.

    1. Yes, I am so happy dear Timothy, I love Tom’s lovely cat land, and with this birthday surprise once again hit me. Thank you for you too, I haven’t know this song, I will search now do we watch in here… Once again Thank you, love, nia

      1. Happy Birthday, Nia. Lovecats is a really fun song. You may not be able to get the original video, but there are lots of recordings of it available on Youtube.

      1. I’ve been studying Italian for a while and like to use it whenever possible. Hope to live there someday and become a “gattare” (cat lady).

  2. Cuteness overload! I think that the hat staying on long enough to get the picture is a miracle. Will there be catnip at the party?

  3. WOW! I am so happy, so happy with you ALL, I can die for this, you know, you all know, how mucl I love your cats, kittens and yes, lovely cat_dog too 🙂 Thank you so much, this is very special for me, I want to kiss them all, can you do for me dear Tom 🙂 Blessing and Happiness, to my dear Tom and his lovely cat land, love, nia

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