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Chub-Chub: “Why is everyone so quiet?”
Nightshade: “Shh, we’re posing.”

21 thoughts on “Photography”

  1. You didn’t drop them off in Jonesboro, Arkansas, did you? If that’s the case, they are bored!!!!! ❤️
    No offense to the great City and State. I love Arkansas! I’m just homesick for my three cats and beautiful puppy 😘

  2. Too funny, Tom!! I am hooked on your cats! As is my hubby who followed you last night. He could not believe someone has more cats then we do!! ROFLMAO!!!!! OHhhhhhhhhh ….. stomach cramps!!! ❤
    PS …. My foot has been in my mouth of late courtesy of my fingers. I made a remark in one of my comments to you on Petasl about bagging the goodies in reference to dog poop. I wasn't talking about you. I was referring to people in general. I'm taking off a few days. I need it. I'm spastic right now. Hehehehehe ….. Have a great 4th! Oh, wait, you are Canadian. Tomorrow is your Holiday or today? Anyways … have a good one!!! 🙂
    PSS Did you ever try out the herbs I am using on my cats? If so, are you seeing a difference? I am seeing a difference on some of my cats. Not all. 😦 Perhaps more time is needed? *sighs* Could be …..

      1. If you have any questions, Tom, please ask. I put the drops in with their moist food, and those who I see don’t intake enough, I give orally with an oral syringe. I wish you all the best. Not all my cats are responding, but I hope in time, they all will. It is so difficult to Love someone who is hurting and ill. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

      2. You are so welcome, dear Tom!! And don’t hold your breath about hubby commenting. Hehehehe If I was you, I wouldn’t. LOL ❤

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