Jailhouse Cows

This is from my other blog and wanted to share it. Cows are almost as cute as cats…almost. πŸ™‚

Back Home in Bromont

Β©Tom von Kap-herr Photography
I was driving around the Eastern Townships of Quebec today. Originally I was looking for a field of horses, but this caught my eye instead. Hope you like it.

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20 thoughts on “Jailhouse Cows”

  1. You didn’t help them with a jailbreak? They have so much hope and anticipation on their faces. How could you resist?

  2. Funny you should post a picture of cows. I was just telling a friend the other day a story about when I was in college, living out in the countryside near Asheville, NC. I lived next door to people who kept dairy cows. It was a lovely afternoon and I decided to do my reading for my Lit class outside. There I was reading Beowulf aloud to my sleeping cats and felt myself watched…..and there were the cows with their heads over the fence listening intently! Almost the same as your picture but it was a wood rail fence.
    Love it by the way…and baby cows are indeed almost as cute a baby cats….but in the same field I got to watch a baby horse frolic in the snow for the first time. Now that would have been a picture for you, Tom.

      1. It must have been perfect since that was probably 1982 and the vision is still with me. The foal in the snow was a perfectly clear, blue sky morning after a blizzard the night before…a foot of snow doesn’t mean much to you but even in the mountains we didn’t usually get that much in NC. And did I have film for my camera (yup, back in those days)…Nooooo!

      1. Im A web conversion specialist…which is a fancy word for copying catalog copy to the website, entering some coding, attach the image, and send products off to Internet hell or heaven. Farm and Ranch is one of the catalogs assigned to me. Our arts n crafts catalog is huge, if you and the cats have an artistic flair…heh..

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