Friday At The Office

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46 thoughts on “Friday At The Office”

      1. LOL OH if only you knew my neighbors who are so “proper”. Hehehehehe Perhaps I’ll teach them that it is OK to laugh even though we are um such serious adults. *giggling* ❤

      2. I’ve been there now for 1.5 hours. Four gardens attended to. I fly, Tom. I’ve been in and out to check on a few of my cats, especially Molly who has CHF and right now she is tugging (breathing hard) and nothing I have done is getting her to breathe easier. If she doesn’t improve my Monday that will be another trip to the Vet. I don’t know if I can increase her heart meds or if this is it for her. She has gone in and out of these periods and she has always stabilized before. I’ve run here to answer the few comments I have. I brought in a package that was delivered today and gave Karma (end of LIfe cat) another herbal remedy in hopes his mind becomes stronger so he begins to eat. I’ve hand fed 3 cats today. Let me see ….. and my wheel barrel is about 1/2 full of weeds and branches (BIG wheel barrel). Yes I have been working. Where’ve you been??? Hhehehehe 🙂

      3. Ohh…well…boy do I feel sheepish. I’ve spent 3 hours fiddling with my (hope it happens this year) new business card. But I did do the litter boxes!
        I hope Molly & Karma get better, poor things.

      4. Oh yes. I am not able to call Vet because she is new and has never seen Molly. I got kicked out of the hospital I had been going, remember? I am increasing Molly’s lasix as it is and still she is laboring. Anti-anxiety herbs she has gotten, Rescue Remedy, pain herbs …. cupping and clapping by me …. massage and acuppressure by me ….. nothing …. This is so not easy, but of course you know and understand. *takes a deep breath* And yes I am still gardening as well. 😉

      5. Thanks, Tom!!! I THINK the problem is too much P+. Her P+ was just changed which is a gel, and seeing she is SO sensitive to P+ I THINK I’ve been giving her too much. SO no more today …. AND we are right now trying to see if her old P+ is now in stock.
        Yes, Tom, I really do fly. My days are about 15 hours long, every day. I don’t stop. Right now it’s a bit hairy with Whispers (FIV+) not eating so I have to feed him, Molly not eating, and Karma not eating. Then all the others as well …. 🙂
        Yes, poor Molly. She really does need to go in to the vet to make sure all her levels are within norm. I will not bring her in when she is in trouble though. She is a very high strung cat so NOT good with a cat with a heart condition.
        Back to work …. 😉 ….

      6. Truth … Some days are more hectic then others. This day was super hectic. When one cat is ill and struggling that is enough. But I have three on my hands at the moment, and gardens that need my attention as well. Thank goodness I had the sense to get my hair done and a pedicure done yesterday. Ahhhhhhh …. yes, I do relax now and then!! 🙂

      1. Yvonne, thank YOU! A friend of Tom is a friend of mine. I’m too tired right now to really look at your blog (I saw your latest) but I still followed you. I look forward in getting to know you!! I am SO glad you enjoyed my card. I almost peed in pants I roared so hard!!! LOL ❤

      2. I read your comments to Tom, you’ve had a very demanding day, one way or another. Thank you for following me, you’re a welcome new member of the crew. ❤

  1. Mom never touches the stuff but she loves the smell of fresh brewed coffee when dad has it. Mom is a tea granny and has been since she war first introduced at 5. She drinks tea for every occasion. Are you upset? A cuppa makes everything better. Not know how to tackle that job? Have a cuppa and the whole plan will come to you. Ya see what I mean. Tea is for everything that happens in your life. What do you think mom drinks at a party? Why a cuppa tea of course. Peeps think she’s weird!


      1. Mom used to but now she has tried most of them and loves her black, black Indian tea. This blend wakes one right up instantly which is great cause we want breakie as soon as we get up.

  2. Tom, I just got email from Seattlemeowtropolitan (the cat cafe that is supposed to open in Seattle later this year) and their blog has a video of kittens and I’m sure the beginning must be what it’s like at breakfast time at your house! I hope you always wear long, heavy pants.
    Here is the link to the blog and you can click on the video:
    And of course anyone reading who would love a lovely dose of kitteness….do watch.

    My friend and I are already planning a trip downtown when it opens….the cat cafe.

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