Friday At The Office

DSC_4682 (4)_marked
“Chub-Chub, you’re available to work this weekend, right?”

39 thoughts on “Friday At The Office”

  1. *You dream* Well, of course, Tom … *you don’t think I will get much work done, do you?* I will just have to cancel the flight of my grandma, who wanted to come for a family reunion …

  2. Chubs called me. He’s vacationing in Monte Carlo. And, “No! I cannot fill in for him.”
    P.S. One of the casino staffers caught his expression and Face-Timed me. He doesn’t seem to be humored by your request. 😤

      1. I am ashamed to admit defeat, but I must! As I awaited that air drop, the farmer turned on the irrigation to flood the field. (Rice is such a ‘temperamental’ crop…)

        I’ve gone ahead and given myself a performance review. Sad news to report. I was fired!

        I have now returned to Texas. I’m back to cat wrangling. My dog rehired me after learning about the Arkansas mishap.

      2. That’s Ok, we took the liberty of sticking a spare copy of the work in your dog’s collar, just in case. Now that your home you can work on it now and have ready for tomorrow morning. 😀

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