Beacon Blogger Award!

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We can’t take it anymore!

Widget, the Friday at the Office, mascot.








Ritu from the most wonderful blog But I Smile Anyway keeps nominating us for awards.



We just finally had to do something about it!

She presented us with a new award called the Beacon Blogger Award.

Which works really well for us as we do some our best work in the dark.20131220_083738_HDR (4)
Ritu, a very special thank you!  No not that!
DSC_6503 (2)_marked


A very special kitten hug for you. 🙂young_lovers1 (2)
Now to nominate two other deserving blogs.
Firstly Amanda from Surprising Lives. Her blog is Intelligent with a lot of fun, thought-provoking, silly and beautiful stuff.  Plus Amanda is really nice.

Secondly, I nominate Melanie from Amusing Myself Musings. She has a great menagerie of pets, she swears like a trooper, is incredibly funny and very insightful. She finds the positive in everything. And is teaching me about her home state of Oregon.

Acknowledge the person who gifted it to you.
Pass it on to one or two folk of your choice.
If you’re not an awards person then consider it a gift.
Whatever you do … KEEP SHINING.
All done.


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34 thoughts on “Beacon Blogger Award!”

  1. Lol!!! You accepted!!!!! Great acceptance! And I got an abundance of cute kitty pics to look at too!
    You definitely are a shining light for me Tom, been my advisory Lynch pin from the off set, and I couldn’t ever forget that…

  2. Awwwwww thank you Tom! ♡♡♡♡♡ You are too sweet! Just a little bit ago I was telling my hubby all about how awesome you are and that you are coming to see us next year! I also showed him your web site and a bunch of your pics! He was quite impressed. Oh and fyi, he has NEVER been on a horse but he grew up in a house that never had less than a dozen indoor kitties! Xoxoxoxo M

      1. You get people on horses? I come over in a moment (looks for fights and travel regulations) … Will be interesting to see how you find a mount for a 120 kg woman. 😛 and NO, shire horses are NOT built to carry a rider, they are working horses who DRAG things behind them, like wagons, trees, ploughs … They have not the built for something that heavy on their back. And – on a shire horse even I might think it is a little too high up, and I love tall horses.

      2. Work horses are usually not meant to be ridden. Hence they have been bred differently from riding horses, and their backs are not as strong as one would think.

      3. I just looked them up:
        Belgians are still used as working animals, but have also become popular as show horses, and pleasure riding horses.
        They look like a big, cuddly sofa!

      4. They are not even that big on average – compared to a Shire Horse. Of course, I read to my big astonishment, that the biggest horse in the world is a Belgian draft horse!

  3. Hey, congrats! This award just came up today and already reached the fourth round. Wonderful. So glad Ritu nominated you. Your blog and your kitties always shine a light!!!

  4. Congratulations to you and the little stars of the blog. (You know who you are, don’t go and hide.) Your acceptance was funny and gracious, all in one!

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