Power Stare

DSC_0023 (4)
Bearkitt: “When you have nothing to say, just stare at them.”

31 thoughts on “Power Stare”

      1. Did you see those eyes? That stare? That black fur?

        I wish I could do more for our abandoned felines. My dream is to open a spay and neuter clinic. Free. Have a mobile unit and a crew of volunteers to go into areas and help where help is needed most. Tom and his family are an inspiration.

        Have yourself a good day, sweets.

      2. I have seen this cutie. And I did not mean that comment in a mean way. Rather in a reassuring one for Tom, as you normally threaten to steal ChubChub (Tom’s favourite of the bunch).

  1. I don’t want to be a Bearkitt stalker or anything … but I have a crush on this little guy! I have a black cat now and my other black one died a couple years ago. Black kitties are special. I call my own black cat “kitty bear”.

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