Animal Kingdom, See Me Now!

Note the perfect form of the official Cats At The Bar “Wild Cheetah hunting sprint.”  Wow, I’m good.

30 thoughts on “Animal Kingdom, See Me Now!”

  1. “Now we see the rare Canadian wild cheetah (catsatthebara felinus) as it chases down its prey! Run Jim! Run! ” The ghost of Marlin Perkins on the Heaven channel.

      1. You are doing a wonderful job, Amanda! I key off the titles you all come up with. It’s hard to come up with titles straight out.

      1. Hi I am glad to meet you. It was a great shot. Tom okay? Or just taking a break? I am so far behind on everything and getting posts on, that I have probably missed out on some information. Have a great day. 🙂

      2. He takes such great photos. I wish we could have come up to Canada to see the driving events. I would love to learn to drive. I have never been to one, and Tom had invited us up. But with calves coming and other things going on around that time, it wasn’t possible.

  2. WOW! This is amazing moment that you captured dear Tom, you should see (today’s) wild cat post, there is a robot cheetah 🙂 I wonder what do your cats make when they meet with this robot cat… But I know it is so noisey right now… Thanks and Love, nia

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