The Young And The Furry (Part 4)

DSC_2990 (3)
“In our last episode Chub-Chub revealed to Boris that he did in fact have a ‘love child’. “
Boris: “It must have happened at the catvention. What the heck was her name again!?!”
“Tune in tomorrow for another ear skritching episode of, The Young…And The Furry.”Β (cue dramatic organ music)

35 thoughts on “The Young And The Furry (Part 4)”

  1. LOL A! Boris needs to watch out for that champaign that tastes just like Coca Cola… La la la la Lola! La la la la Lola! Could her name have been Lola?

    In a real life drama, I have a friend from Puerto Rico who had an affair with a woman, got her pregnant, gave her money for an abortion, and said sayonara! Eighteen years later his supposedly aborted son showed up on his door step here in Albuquerque!

      1. He chose to ‘black out’ his encounter with Chubber’s. He doesn’t deserve her. She is smitten by Boris, and if he blindly recused himself he is not worthy of either her or his own child.

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