The Young And The Furry (part 5)

DSC_2975 (3)
As we join today’s episode Boris sits in his chair brooding after finding out he is a daddy after a wild night of catnip and cream with Butternut. 

Butternut: “Oh honey! I’m sorry for not telling you about Jr. Come on down and lets talk.”
Boris: “Never again, I’m off Nip and Cream. Orange cats aren’t even my type!”
Chub-Chub: “Hrumph! Mono-colored cats are sooo stupid.”

Will Butternut divorce Dust Bunny for Boris?  Will Boris remember he  never married Chub-Chub? Will Chub-Chub ever find the multi-colored cat of her dreams or will she continue to shed on everyone’s parade?  The answers to these and other fur-ball questions tomorrow on… The Young…and the Furry.  Cue bandleader Ben for extro-music. 

37 thoughts on “The Young And The Furry (part 5)”

  1. You should approach the CBC to have this broadcast. Folks would love it. You might get the mob from Corner Gas to do the voice-overs (and comb-overs, as necessary).

  2. These posts are so clever and creative. You definitely are keeping us entertained. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  3. I’m so torn. Confused. Anxious. Lost.

    “Boris, you are not making this easy on any of us. Can’t you open up and at least try to communicate your deep thoughts and concerns? Don’t stay up on the chair, holding your own. Surely you have feelings. You do have feelings, right Boris? Boris, are you ignoring us? Are you in deep thought? Better yet, are you in deep doo-doo?

    I am so lost that no cartographer or GPS could locate me. I am crawling back into my cave and awaiting the next installment. I’ll be sobbing into my horsehair blanket.

  4. Is Chub Chub going to have to go Bi to find calico lover? Is Boris going to have to go over to the dark side for a black kitty like himself? Will Butternut become a nutter butter peanut butter nutcase from it all?

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