The Young And The Furry (part 6)

DSC_6777 (5)_marked
As we join the action in Catoogie Falls, Chub-Chub and Butternut have taken their cat-fight to the streets.
Butternut: “You are just a cheap Yeeouwww- pffst!!!”
Crowd: “Ooooo”
Chub-Chub: “It’s lucky you have fur or everyone would see your Grrrraaaaawwwuuu-fffFFT.”
Crowd: “Woooo!”
Meanwhile Boris and Dust Bunny were enjoying a pint of cream in the Rovers Return, unaware that the fur was flying and the spilled milk was not the only thing they were going to cry about.

Tune in tomorrow for another ludicrous episode of The Young…And The  Furry. (cue extro mu-sac, Ben?)

26 thoughts on “The Young And The Furry (part 6)”

  1. Hmm, wouldn’t the Rover’s Return be a “dog” bar? Especially since yesterday on Corrie Steve (who found a dog that he doesn’t want to give up) said he did not want a cat as a replacement.
    We’ll force cats on him! Yes! Maybe with a few cats around the place he will stop being such a self centered twit! Wait, did I just type that out loud?

  2. Unfortunately I don’t go that far back….only started watching around five or six years ago. I didn’t always get the CBC on my Seattle cable service.
    Although I know the names because they talk about them.
    I did get the first three episodes (the very beginning three) on DVD from Netflix when Ken Barlow was about 18. He has only changed in age. He’s still the same old Ken and if he could get away with it would still be a womanizer….wait, now that Deidre died a couple of the older ones are looking very interested in him….Audrey for one.

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