The Young And The Furry (part 7)

Now having won her…”disagreement” with Butternut and retrieved Boris from the pub by his ear, hissing and scratching, Chub-Chub reflects:

Chub-Chub: “A good male cat doesn’t just happen. They have to be created by us.Β They are a lump, like a doughnut. So first you gotta get rid of all the stuff his mom did to him.Β And then you gotta get rid of all that macho crap they pick up from Tom’s in the alley.
Then there’s my personal favorite, the male ego… May I present my doughnut, Boris.”
Boris: “This seems right…interesting wallpaper.”
Announcer: “Has Chub-Chub finally found true love or is Boris just another cruller in a bakers dozen?
And what of Butternut and Dust Bunny? What of Jr? All will be revealed in tomorrow’s dramatic conclusion of The Young …And The Furry”

Lead us out of here bandleader Ben!

25 thoughts on “The Young And The Furry (part 7)”

  1. Chub-Chub is a prize, deserving of only the best! Her inner spirit reflects thru every bit of fluff that dresses her being. I’m wondering, can Boris accept the challenge, can he step-up and win this beauty? Is he worthy? Well, of course he is, but can he convince Chub-Chub that he desires no other, that his mother is no longer #1 in his life, and that the ways of the Alley are behind him?

  2. Being that Chub-Chub is a lovely Tortie like myself, I really don’t know what Boris’ purroblem is – how could ANY other female (besides cute little me, of course)- possibly compete?
    * moron male *

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