Chub-Chub on the subject of Nip

Cats at the Bar

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“…!…?…phnn… :-)”

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21 thoughts on “Chub-Chub on the subject of Nip”

  1. Here she comes, hacking down the street
    She gets the funniest looks from every cat she meets.

    Hey, hey, here’s a hairball
    They see she’s hacking around,
    She’s too busy up-chucking
    To keep any catnip down.

  2. More nip yes! Funnily i am carrying half a rucksack full of catnip through an airport today to hand to a friend while on a work trip. Oh the questions I got asked at security… And it’s all toys in sealed packages LOL

      1. Lol I know. It’s just unfortunate their dog seems to be a cat in disguise as he triggered on my bag :(. After doing a swab they believed me though. Never heard of dogs sniffing out catnip before Though…

      2. Now they got your name and adress 😉 Good that you REALLY only go about “recreational herbs” for cats! (Time to give up on your own if you ever had some … They might come up and search your house, just because, you know!)

      3. Lol. Luckily I never had any of the other herbs 😉 surprisingly they also didn’t want to see an ID or asked for my address. Security this morning was very none existing apart from the dog and luggage check lol

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