No Cats Tonight (well they helped)

tom von Kapherr Photography. com

DSC_0130 (2)

DSC_0134 (2)

DSC_0148 (2)

DSC_0152 (2)

DSC_0157 (2)

DSC_0159 (2)

DSC_0167 (2)

DSC_0176 (2)

DSC_0181 (2)

DSC_0188 (2)

DSC_0189 (2)

DSC_0193 (2)

The cats and I stayed out to shoot the lunar eclipse from the backyard.
Here is my first Moon shot attempt. Near the end as the clouds started to roll in, I was able to finish with some fun shots.

48 thoughts on “No Cats Tonight (well they helped)”

  1. Great shots. I got a few too but it was totally eclipsed by the time it appeared here on the West Coast of the US so I only got the red rim. I was down at the local marina with everybody and her sister and decided not to wait around for the end when everybody (and her sister) would be trying to get out of the parking lot.
    Thank you for sharing your photos. I’m sure all of the cats were right there to help.

      1. I am glad you did they are wonderful pictures. Would you mind if I saved them to my computer. I would never use them in any way without your permission first and of course giving you the credit.

  2. It was in the middle of the night here, so I gave it a miss, have to work today, after all, and my employer does not provide the excuse: Too tired to work because she watched a moon eclipse.

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