Friday before Canadian Thanksgiving

DSC_0045 (3)
“I invited everyone here for Thanksgiving! Β And Miss Mew called and she’s bringing the whole litter! WHAT WAS I THINKING!”

26 thoughts on “Friday before Canadian Thanksgiving”

      1. I feel your pain. My sense of humor doesn’t often come through in email….they think I’m being rude when I’m being sarcastic. Emoji’s don’t help much either.

      2. At my creative writing course I was told if you need to emphasize a word by using bold letters or using CAPITAL letters, you have chosen the wrong word. It seems, for our friends we choose the wrong kind of humour.

  1. Oh, my sympathy! I’ve been there. It used to be fun, then they started bringing “significant others,” then spouses, then the whole litter … There are only so many birds a cat can catch and have ready for Thanksgiving!

      1. LOL! In that case we may bring the whole UK cat population. Better make some space and hide the good dishes. It’ll be worse than the dwarf gathering in the hobbit πŸ˜‰

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