Gargoyle Kitty

Cats at the Bar

Gargoyle Kitty
This decorative lawn ornament sits motionless all year round. BUT, it is said on Halloween night, she awakens to satisfy an age-old hunger and nothing can stop them.
(A couple of cans of tuna should do the trick.)

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20 thoughts on “Gargoyle Kitty”

  1. I’m bringing a fresh caught tuna. This cat will be in Texas by 12:01, November 1st. Ain’t no way am I planting her on some old tree stump out in the yard. I must go now. I have a palace to build.

    1. I’ve seen the lovely kitty you have on a tree stump (it was a tree stump wasn’t it) and I’m sure you’d keep this cutie indoors.
      Aren’t there cute cats closer to home for you to cat-nap?
      Must not be.
      Beware Tom….but if she ever makes good on her threats you know the cutie would have an excellent home with Ms. Coffeegrounded.

      1. Mol!😺 The human keeps trying to get a picture of me as “her little gargoyle”- but I mainly only go out after dark when the creepy neighbor goes in fur the night – so she can’t get a good picture!

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