“What’s in a name?”

Β©Tom von Kapherr photography.com
Meet Ursus and Marmoset. This is what happens when you name kittens after watching the National Geographic Channel.

17 thoughts on ““What’s in a name?””

  1. Names are a difficult thing to pick out. Often they are just picked on a whim at the spur of the moment–at least mine were. At least they were not watching the History channel, and named after the members of Hitler’s general staff!

      1. I am so sorry, Tom….and Marmoset. Totally my fault for the confusion and not making sure I had the correct animal.
        I googled “marmoset” and found pictures of cute monkeys…including one in a Christmas sweater. Yours is cuter
        I have no idea what animal I was thinking of.

  2. Such interesting coloring! We started calling the stray who hung out at our backdoor “Pretty Kitty” and even after we adopted him and found out he was a boy the name has stuck! Poor guy – being called Pretty all the time…

  3. I’ve just proven to myself that I have not totally lost my mind and have the need to share.. The animal that I was thinking of is a rodent (actually in the squirrel family) the marmot. It’s cute too….but not as cute as yours.

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