Halloween Package

Nibbler- tom von kapherr photography.com
“A little over a day  until Halloween…and me! I’ll just wait here for you, shall I?”

17 thoughts on “Halloween Package”

      1. These days it tends to be a package of Temptations Cat Treats…especially when I travel. I remember being in a park in Hana, Maui years ago and all of these cats coming and begging for food and since I wasn’t picnicking I had nothing for them. Although I did turn on the water fountain when the mamma cat jumped up on it and looked at me and meowed. Now I have something just in case…especially in case of a darling black cat in a Halloween box!

  1. Ah, Halloween and the black cats. We acquired black cats on two different Halloween nights many years apart. Each of them just walked into the house when trick or treaters arrived and stayed. Love the photo!

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