Cats at the Bar

DSC_3249 (2)_marked
“He started it! He grabbed my tail!”
“Did not! He yanked mine!”
“No I didn’t.” “Yes you did.”
“Did not.” “Did too.”
“Didn’t.” “Did.”

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18 thoughts on “Roughhousing”

  1. I think they are innocent of chair mauling. I’m sure I’ve seen this same chair before (and not just from last year)….possibly from before they were born.
    Poor babies! What an accusation.

  2. Children! No matter what species their excuses all run the same. 😉

    I have a nice three sectioned sofa that would match beautifully with that chair. It’s yours for free, just give me the kittens in exchange.

      1. Well, you’ve heard of that style, “Shabby Chic”, I guess that chair can work in with these brown tones and frayed-up sectional. I’ll take it. That way when Chubs and ‘Stache’ arrive they will have a bit of their former home to ease their transition.

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