Dear Délaina

This is from My dad’s blog today. Yes, a son’s pride is showing. As some of you know he turned 90 this month and proves yet again, “You are never too old”.
He’s finally announced that his first book is coming. “YAY Dad!

Gerhart von Kap-herr

20140417_152401_HDR (5) One smiling face saves a man adrift in the world.

It is time to tell you about a novel that I will be publishing before the holidays arrive. I thought the best way to explain what it’s about, is to simply offer part of the questionnaire that was filled out to the artist who is designing the cover, the final piece of the puzzle. I have created a page in which I will be posting excerpts and updates of the progress to launch date.

Here is the link:

Now I can return to Family Stories, recognizing Formidable Women and my general outrage of the world at large.

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16 thoughts on “Dear Délaina”

      1. It sounds fun because of the contrast between the characters and situations from reading the description on his blog post. I there is a lot of fun to be had with honest and thought provoking. I just read all the Inspector Erlander novels by Arnaldur Indridason. I found them fun, but most people probably would not say they are fun.

      2. If that is your perspective then definitely fun. Indridason I consider fun as well. My father considers the description on the light side, so I think you will enjoy it. It’s brutally honest and I respect my father for being so open. He doesn’t paint his character in a very good light and it’s far…very far from a “riding of into the sunset” ending. Now that I think of it, this would be a perfect Ingmar Bergman film! 😉

      3. When I graduated with my BA in 1985 I thought I would be the oldest graduate at 36 but no there was a man in my class who was in his 70’s. He went back to school after retirement because he loved learning and being around young people.
        I already commented to your dad on his blog.;-)

  1. What a great thing to do! I hope the book does well. However, there must have been a problem with the picture you provided. He doesn’t look at all like the rest of the relatives you show. No fur. No pointy ears. 🙂

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