Something Mew, Just For You

In honor of Black Friday & Cyber Monday I’ve created four mouse pads for holiday stocking stuffers. They’re $16.99 Canadian. (A steal for all of you in the USA!)

JUST FOR YOU-  If you want your own cat on a mouse pad, send me a picture and I will create a mouse pad for you! Just $19.99 (again Canadian) email and I’ll give you the details.
I have also created the Cats at The Bar Photo Shopping Gallery with hundreds of photos of your favorite CATB cats.
You can check it out at:

15 thoughts on “Something Mew, Just For You”

  1. Believe it or not the friends I shop for don’t have computers. Luckily that is only two people….the rest of us stopped exchanging gifts years ago.
    But I will tell my friends about this. Your four are so adorable.

      1. If I weren’t afraid that it would melt I would have suggested use as a trivet.
        According to the DIY shows this is called “up cycling”…taking something and using it for something other than the original intended use.
        Too bad about Chris because I used to love watching “Steven and Chris” and always got some of the best ideas. Yes, I get the CBC in Seattle.

      2. Too true although it is still quite a drive to get there. I love Vancouver. I haven’t looked at their weather forecast but it is about the same….they sent us their last windstorm. Our winds don’t usually come from the north. Wish I had thought to drive out to the local marina and catch some pictures of the wave action.
        They do get just a little more snow than us. And they can have it. But luckily….nothing like you get.

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