If you can’t have a cat, get a miniature horse! I shot this today. It took every ounce of my being to not put one in the back seat of my car. 🙂

Back Home in Bromont

Muddy with Mini - ©Tom von Kapherr

I had the chance today to visit Shana P. Hadlock and her sooo very cute miniature horses. She is a mini breeder and has about a dozen of them, with a few due in the spring. Here is one of the shots I took. I like a horse you can put in the back seat of your car and bring home.

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20 thoughts on “MUDDY WITH MINI”

  1. Oh dear God this must be smallest I have ever seen and is ADORABLE!!!
    I can really understand your struggle not to get one right away, I mean that is just a super precious little darling sweet horsie morsi penny sized pony mony!!!!!!!!

  2. Tom, I thought of you and this little cutie this morning when an ad for Amazon Prime came on the TV. In case you haven’t seen it there is a miniature horse that looks a lot like this one trying to play with the big horses. The woman looks at him and takes out her phone and shows her tapping Amazon Prime. In the next frame she has installed one very huge “cat flap” in her door and the little horse comes walking into the house. Next frame she is sitting in a chair and the little horse has his head in her lap. Really cute.

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