Camouflage Kitten


24 thoughts on “Camouflage Kitten”

  1. How old is this little one? 4 weeks? She is going to be one of those overlooked little beauties with her dark grey fur … Hope her eyes make up for that when she is old enough to be adopted. Have seen a cute documentary about kittens yesterday, while my sister was on the phone, watching the same programme. Cue all those “Aww” and “how cute” calls … Not that I would want a kitten. I am happy with my two adults.

      1. You know how people are – some of your cats are sooo cute and sooo exquisitely coloured, that a simple grey fur cannot compete. And people are shallow like that, when they look for a new cat, particularly when they are spoilt for choice. I am not saying she is not cute! But her foster siblings are even more outstanding.

      2. But maybe I am totally wrong to predict this and she will get a wonderful home with loving, caring owners. Still – having seen her competitors … *shakes head sadly* I’d totally take her, of course, if I was not already occupied by two and would not live on another continent.

      1. So tiny. Btw if you ever come to the UK I’ll have to take you to bags of nails. It’s a British pub with loads of cats resident in it. Reminded me a lot of “cats at the bar” as they were on the counter. Including a little kitten the guy recently rescued πŸ˜€

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