For Goat’s Sake!

In the barnyard, goats are just cats with horns. 😉

Back Home in Bromont

I took these at the Brome Fair last September. As I watched them, I fell in love with these highly expressive animals. Just look into their eyes and you know there is more going on then just their next meal.

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7 thoughts on “For Goat’s Sake!”

  1. They do look like wise guys! We had goats when I was growing up as well. We had some mean billy goats that would come an and butt us. I got to be a pretty good goat wrestler in my youth.

    1. Goat wrestling! I forgot about that. I used to do that as well. I even have the scar on my leg to prove it. I was wrestling with the billie goat and his head butt grazed my thigh. But then he swung his head back and caught me with the tip of his horn. I didn’t even notice until I got yelled at for bleeding on the chair at dinner. 🙂

      1. The scars of youth! I have lots and them and carry them proudly. There’s a good story behind each one.

      2. Agreed! When we went trail riding on Saturday, they offered me a helmet. I refused. If I kill myself walking down a trail on a horse, I deserve to have my corpse dumped in the nearby lake. (But save my cameras) 😀

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