So Long And Thanks For All The Fish…for now.

Dolphin, ©Tom von Kapherr
Rumor has it, the planet will be demolished to make way for a new hyper-bypass. So we’re leaving. But in case we are wrong, our friends over at will be looking after Cats At The Bar. Marc’s Katzenworld is a fantastic cat blog and I urge you to visit and follow them. They have some fun ideas to keep you entertained.

My work with horse photography and the 2018 World Equestrian Games coming to my village, I just don’t have the time to run two blogs. I hope you will come visit me at,  Back Home in Bromont –

Thank you for all the love and fun over the last two years and hope to see you soon.

In the beginning, there was Dust Bunny
In the beginning, there was Dust Bunny

68 thoughts on “So Long And Thanks For All The Fish…for now.”

  1. I don’t actually want to like this, but I know the pressures Tom… Don’t worry, I’m already following your horsey endeavours… You can’t get rid of me that easily!! Good luck Tom!

  2. It is same for me too dear Tom, I don’t like this. But I can almost understand you, Iwill miss your cat land. But you know I am following your other blog. Good Luck for your new projects. Thank you, love, nia

  3. I fully understand, Tom. I have trouble enough with maintaining one blog, posting once a month, as well as trying to visit everybody. I am still following you on Back Home in Bromont, and l look forward to seeing you there! Hope to see more photos of Milady, too. I showed my husband Rick the photos of that magnificent Friesian. He had never seen one before.

      1. *sulking* won’t be the same. Don’t get me wrong. Of course you do what is right for your life at every point of your life. I am not saying you should not. All I am saying is I will miss CATB.
        And don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Katzenworld. Marc is dedicated to feline welfare. But Marc is more into advertising things. I liked how your blog was mostly about funny captions I will miss the caption contests (I do not need a prize to love that), the series of photographs you joined into a story.
        That is not saying you should not make that break. You do what is right for you. If taking photos of horses is more important to you, then that is it.
        I will still miss your many, many cats, the little ones that just pass through. The ones, that are truly yours which you do not “just” foster.
        I like to hear when some have found new homes. I like to hear about the progress of your foster cats. I will miss all that.
        I am sad. Not angry. I will miss CATB.

      1. I know. And I’ll really miss Tom’s posts as well. :(. But I’ll try to continue to expose people to the best of CATB until he has time to blog about cats again. 🙂

  4. as I sit here reading this I am feeling spasm’s of ..wailing, OH NO…. sure do tho fully understand. Will miss your Amazing captions and quiops! on the kitties so much. And feel just fortunate to have enjoyed them. You’re not rid of any of us; we’re with you via the horse shots. xoxo lots.

  5. I understand, as I was ready to dump my blog, but I got talked out of it. I’ve made changes and plod on, but it’s a lot of work to maintain a blog. I’ll keep following your equestrian adventures. CATB was a lot of fun.

      1. Yes I was. But previously I was an advertising producer and knew my way around a camera. Two summers ago, Bromont hired me as the official photographer. Which was a great summer job and made me a nice bit of money. This past year, the work has doubled and doing the private contract work and the photo shopping gallery, it’s becoming full time. And, I must admit, the money’s good. 🙂

  6. All those kitty pics will be missed. I already follow Katzenworld (even do a guest post once in a while) but I will miss Chub-Chub and all the new kittens.
    But I will be over following the horses… especially that magnificent Milady (wasn’t that the breed in the film Ladyhawke?.. I watched that over and over just to see that horse).

  7. Oh no!! We will miss you Tom. I’m still waiting for a t-shirt..hehe Guess I’ll never see one now! I do understand the time constraints with just one blog, never mind two. I follow Katzenworld also and Marc is a great one for posts so take care my friend.

    Nose Rubs,

    Shoko, Kali and Jean

    1. Holly cats! I totally forgot about your t-shirt! No, I will get that out to you! I have a few things to finish on CATB. So i’ll be fulfilling my new years resolution of cleaning up my desk of year old notes and “things to do” 😉

  8. OH, NOO! Okay, you deserve to make a living and your pictures are so wonderful. But I LOVE your interpretations of what the cats are doing/saying. I will follow Katzenworld, but yes — miss your wicked sense of humor and your wonderful cat photos. Best to you and the cats and the horses and am looking forward to the day you can go back to CATB full-time!

  9. Life…I will totally miss that cat spirit of yours and those lovely feline
    friends! Thank you for all that great entertainment, all the laughs and
    happiness, jokes and cartoons you provided us everyday Tom! I will surely follow you throughout your other passion and wish you the best of luck!

  10. I’m happy that Marc will be taking care of CATB. He’s a good guy and a very successful blogger.

    CATB was my first guest appearance on a blog and I loved writing poetry for the pictures. Thanks for that opportunity.

    Don’t be a stranger. 🙂

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