CATB: Over Zealous

Hi everyone,

Totally forgot to let you know about the latest entry in Blasts from the past!

So here you go 🙂



Hi everyone,

We are back for another round of blasts from the past from our cat friends from Cats at the Bar! 🙂


‘It’s 1:30 AM! Leave the vacuum hose right where it is…and go away.”


Do your cats ever stop you from doing house chores? Tell us in the comments!

More from the CATB files to come soon!

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8 thoughts on “CATB: Over Zealous”

  1. Absolutely. I cannot vacuum when the cats are sleeping — which they do a lot. And with 4 cats, sometimes the carpets go a long time between cleanings! Wish the carpets were self-cleaning like the cats!

  2. I once had 6 kittens who loved practicing their lasso-ing skills with the cord while the vacuum cleaner was roaring away. I would turn it off, quitting in frustration, only to turn around and find them fast asleep in a tangle of their “lassos”. All my cats ever since have run in terror of the vacuum–got more cleaning done, but no fun! I’ve never understood why cats choose lumpy stuff to sleep on, like Tom von K.’s cat above.

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