Cats At The Bar: Bad Hair

Hi everyone,

Here is the latest blast from the past! đŸ™‚




Hi everyone,

As promised please find below the latest entry from the Cats at the Bar archive.


Bad hair day!  Tragically, I should have paid closer attention to Ink’s expression,  before reaching for the brush!

What are your experiences with brushing your cats? Does it usually go down well? Any hints and tips for us all?!?

More from the CATB files to come soon!

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25 thoughts on “Cats At The Bar: Bad Hair”

      1. How is the weather there today (Sat)? It was sunny when I got up this AM. When I called mom about 20 mins ago, she said it was snowing! It is a mini blizzard out there!

      2. Large cities = headaches and huge crowds. I love the architecture and the shows that come out of your area. I am a mystery fan so I watch Morse, Lewis, Endeavor, and Gloustershire (?) I can never remember the name nor spelling of that show! đŸ˜® Plus more. American shows have no substance. Guess I am an odd character when it comes to entertainment.

      3. Gloucestershire :-). It’s and odd spelling for something that’s pronounced the way it is pronounced. Not as bad as Leicester which sounds more like Lester pronounced…

      4. It takes place between 1948-52 about a vicar and his flock who becomes a friend and partner to the local cop. It is the interaction between the characters and the architecture of the small town that fascinates me.

      5. I just purchased season 1 & 2 for my hubster’s Valentine’s gift. It arrived today and he was blown away that I would do it! Hehehehehe! He still doesn’t know me that well if he thinks I didn’t notice he liked it.

  1. I do miss Cats At The Bar…one of the first blogs I got to know when I came on with my blog. A bad hair day. describes it well. Kali loves to be brushed and combed. She wil lay there burring ehile being groomed. Shoko has just started liking it and will go for the brush but doesn’t like the comb and bats it away.


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