Cats at the Bar Poetry

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FloridaBorne  says she must have been a cat in another life.  We’ve been creating picture/poem for over a year, and having fun doing it. So brew a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the treasures that be.




Angel in repose.
Little white heart, wrapped in pink
melting shades of love.

Tiny Hearts Await
Claws Of Tranquility
A Clawing Haiku
A Valentine Wish
A Birding Haiku
Tangerine Haiku
Feline Peace Haiku
Kitten Lullaby
A Kitty Ditty
Whiskers Haiku
Fields of Cats

A Wishing Haiku
DSC_5260 (4)





Snow frames the black cat
wishing for springtime’s comfort,
Halloween’s glory

A Kitten’s Haiku

How Shall I Pee

The Cat/Dog Prince
A Rosy Heart
Beautiful Grey
A Glaring Poem
Ode To Thanksgiving
Training With Cats Haiku
Apres Halloween Haiku
Feline Weary
Hairy Licorice

Monkey’s Halloween PoemMonkey





Screech in their ears
gnaw at their nose,
on Halloween night,
anything goes!

Claw out their eyes
devour their souls
whatever is left
we’ll put in our bowls.
A Black Kitten Poem
A Halloween Poem
“Where’s My Candy?”
A Grassy Haiku

Snow Cat Haiku

Snow Kitty






Screech in their ears
gnaw at their nose,
on Halloween night,
anything goes!

Claw out their eyes
devour their souls
whatever is left
we’ll put in our bowls.
Ode To The Fall, by Boris
Cuddle-Touch Haiku
My Tininess
A Couch Kitty Poem
A Reed Filled Bed
A Black & White Haiku

Nap Time

Nap Time







Heavy head resting
atop a child who wonders…
When will nap time end?

King Of The Pillow

The Drama Queen
A Stylish Haiku
Haiku Lizard
Chub-Chub Haiku
Dog Qat-xote
Elfin Haiku
Scaredy-Cat Haiku
Wide Eyed
So Green So Tall
Professor Bean
Magic Awaits

Warning, Contains Peanuts

DSC_3910 (2)_marked






Peanut Buttercup
experiments with evil,
a tall tail begins.

Two Felines Wonder

Brambles & Briars
Blossoming Haiku
A Foodie Poem
BadBoy Haiku
Deep Thought Haiku
Does This Excite You

Take a Peek








Pet-able, adorable
dislike them?
That’s deplorable!

Genuine, Pick-up-able
ignore them?
That’s insufferable!

Of what exactly do I speak?
You don’t know?
Simply take a peek!
Attention Class
A Shady Haiku
Caramel Haiku
You Flea Brain
In A Bugs Eye
Last Year’s Bed
White Nettle
A Cat Wit No Name
Haiku Snow
Haiku Innocence
A Garden Of Cats
Contented Haiku
Haiku Coat
Lavender Haiku
Furry Heart Haiku
Kitchen Kitty
A Light Question
Haiku Paradise
Nothing To Do
Haiku Light
A Graceful Haiku

A Love Poem








Light of love enters
fleeting, melting desire
flowing into night.

A Kitten Poem
A Bone Poem
Flowery Haiku
Tell Me A Story
Kimchi & Millie Poem
The Size Of It
A Lice Poem
Stary Poem
Dainty Feet
Knowledgeable Dad
A Staring Poem
Breakout Poem

Haiku Sun









New life contemplates
warm fresh light, brightly blazing
windows in the sun.

Mommy Nooo
A Poem Of Vengeance
Purr Song
Ode To Camera Guy
Get My Good Side
Haiku Confidence
Caturday Conquests
No Space, No Play
A Haiku Rainbow
Ptttthp to Catnip
Spring Cleaning
Haiku Mommy Day
Haiku Silly
Haiku Dust Motes
Kittens Arise
Haiku Eyes
haiku Dust Bunnies
I Scare
I Stalk
Haiku Obstacle
My Pan
Cat Dreams
Cat Vengeance
Haiku Dive
Typing Away
Twisted Clumps
It Is Spring
Haiku View
Haiku Two

Haiku Kitty








The flower of youth;
promising neon color
lemon tree blossom.

Don’t Mess With Momma Bear
Spring and Yellow Snow
Ode to a Cat-Dog
Tell Me
Edgar Kitty Poe
Tell Me Again
A Cat Knows
Child’s First Light
Trouble Maker
I Hide Behind
I Wonder Soft

The Cult of Tsuki

Lord of the house
I need not roar
Bows the light
Quakes the door

Humans await
To grace my perch
They come to pray
At Tsuki’s church


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